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About the Instructor Winston 'Flex' Gordon



Winston Gordon, standing 6 foot 3 inches, enthusiastic and energetic, always on the go and looking for ways to increase and improve his skills, knowledge and abilities, to be able to give his students 'nothing but the best'!

Winston recognised his skills and abilities at an early age, as he went from strength to strength and excelled at the many activities he was involved in. He was asked to represent his local youth centre in competitions, such as Table Tennis, Badminton and Basketball.


Being involved in team events was fun but wasn’t offering the challenge he needed.  He soon realised that as an individual he could further develop his talents and sought an individual sport to release his own energy level and enthusiasm (that others couldn’t keep up with).


This paved the way to his amateur boxing career, at Ladywood Community Centre, where he excelled and was entered in the A.B.A. competition (Amateur Boxing Association).


Further areas that followed to channel and focus his talents were: kickboxing, karate, kung fu and many forms of martial arts.  Then he was discovered by Howard Brown - WKA undefeated World kickboxing champion for ten years running, who coached him through kickboxing to a standard ready for tournaments, competitions, then through to the professional ranks, touring the world and competing.  At the same time as competing, he was gaining the many belts and grades and soon became a Black belt instructor.


On becoming an instructor he started up his own successful class that attracted large number of students who gained from his high levels of energy and enthusiasm.


Winston's classes concentrate on flexibility, stretching, body conditioning, stamina and toning whilst also preparing the students mentally and physically to build confidence in their own abilities to recognise and release their full potential by combining a wide range of kickboxing skills, and self-defence techniques through karate along with benefits of cardio-aerobic warm up.


Winston Roundhouse

Winston not only successfully teaches full classes but continuously gets asked to share his skills and expertise on a one-to-one basis with students requesting personal tuition.


Once a regular contact fighter, now retired from fighting after reaching and achieving his personal goals, from local tournaments to the World Championship titles, having victoriously fought against the best in the world.

Contact Winston Gordon for more info on: 07971368044


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