Learn Self-Defense & Keep FitSuitable for both males and females of all ages! "A friendly gym that will elevate your overall fitness state
to an even higher level."
No Experience Necessary!
What We Offer...
Welcome to our Kickboxing & boxing SiteOn this site you will find everything you will need to know about our kickboxing and boxing classes at our Birmingham Gym.  We also teach executive boxing. This site is constantly being updated.

Womens only Boxing class by experienced female instructor on Mondays starting soon. Please contact 07971368044 for further information.

welimg We offer a no nonsense approach to kickboxing under friendly tuition by European Semi-Contact Champion, whose record stands at 100+ light continuous fights with zero defeats.We are currently recruiting new students for our classes.  All ages are welcome, both male and female! Our gym is fully equipped with a ring, matted area, bags and mirrors.
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About Us
We are a friendly but serious training gym. Feel free to come to one of our sessions or take part with no obligation.
aboutimg Read More... Many of our students are working professionals, Uni or college students, security workers, children etc...
Instructor Profile
Standing 6 foot 3 inches, enthusiastic and energetic, always on the go and looking for ways to increase and...