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Frequently Asked Questions



Question: I really want to learn kickboxing or boxing, but have little or no experience, can I still participate?

Answer: Yes, many of our students from all walks of life are beginners or novices and we realise every individual's personal

fitness level is different to one another and so you will be taught to your level of fitness and experience. Most of our beginners are amazed at their level of fitness after attending lessons for at least a month.


Question: Am I too old to start kickboxing or boxing?


Answer: You're never too old to start any of these sports. We recommend you start slowly and then push yourself when you fitness levels have increased. We have a longtime student who is over 40 years old and he is fitter than the average 20 year old.


Question: At what age do you take children on at?


Answer: From 8 years. Children are naturally flexible and we recommend them to attend our kickboxing classes rather than boxing. Kickboxing instills confidence in them.


Question: What does your sessions involve?


Answer: For our kickboxing classes, we do circuit training, cardio, stretching, kick and punch techniques, padwork and bagwork for intermediate advanced students. In our boxing classes, we do skipping, circuit training, defensive and offensive techniques, lateral movement, padwork and bagwork and light controlled sparring (for intermediate and advanced students).


Question: Can I come down and watch a session before I join?


Answer: You are most welcome to come and watch and ask any questions you might have.


Question: How much is membership and what about the cost for a ones hour session?


Answer: Membership is £50 one time fee and includes a free kickboxing suit with logo. The cost per session is £6 for non-members and £5 for members (Adults). For children the cost £4 for boxing and kickboxing.


Question: Do I need to join membership right away?


Answer: Unlike most clubs, we do not ask you to join membership right away, instead take a few week's lessons and see if you would like to continue with the sessions. If you wish to commit further, we then ask for you to take up membership.


Question: Is kickboxing and boxing aggressive or violent?


Answer: No not at all, all of our techniques are done in a controlled way, with full safety aspects in mind.


Question: Will I be sparring with other students?


Answer: No, not until you have attained sufficient experience and training and when sparring is done it is supervised with all the appropriate safety gear. Sparring is done in a controlled method, where you hold back your punches or kicking, in other words light contact..


Question: Do you train fighters?


Answer: Yes, if this is what you would like.


Question: Can females join?


Answer: Yes, we have many females who enjoy our classes for fitness, toning, self defense and just a great cardio workout


Question: Do I need to compete?


Answer: No, not unless you wish to.


Question: What do I need to wear?


Answer: Loose tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt would suffice. You can also bring a bottle of water. For boxing we recommend a clean pair of light trainers.


Question: Where are you located?


Answer: See the Google map here. We are right next to Dunelm Mill Furnishings store in Bordesley Green, next to the main roundabout, just past the Blues football ground in Small Heath. We are in the building right next to Small Heath Amateur boxing club. Mac Martial Arts.

Contact Winston Gordon for more info on: 07971368044


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