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About Our Boxing classes


aboutimg Our boxing classes are a high cardio workout session that if its fitness you are looking to attain then this is the class for you.

We will teach you everything that you need to know about boxing and for those who want to fight in boxing then we have a program for that too. The boxing class is a one hour session.

The four basic components of boxing are bagwork, shadow boxing, skipping and padwork. When in the gym the first thing we will teach you is how to stand correctly with a good defence staying relaxed at the same time.


Skipping is the first thing that we start our boxing session after a brief warmup which is good for cardio, footwork, timing of the rope and help with balance.


When skipping we normally do 3 to 4 rounds of skipping then move onto bagwork which is about learning how to punch the different bags in the gym which can be hard work but very rewarding. The bagwork is done for about 3 to 5 rounds.



We then move onto shadow boxing which can be done in the ring or in front of a mirror will help you with your footwork, balance, punching and space awareness in or out of the ring.


Please feel free to come down and take a look at class in session, or if you like you can join in. Memberbship is not required right away.


Contact Winston Gordon for more info on: 07971368044


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