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About Our Kickboxing classes


aboutimg Hi and welcome to Wins kickboxing and kickboxing gym.

We are a friendly but serious training gym. If you decide to come along and take part in one of our training sessions you will enjoy them for what they offer and gain maximum benfits at the same time.
Introduction One of the first things we do on our kickboxing classes is a gentle warm up which can include a light circuit to get the blood flowing and body loose and supple.

aboutimg We would the stretch for about 10 to 20 minutes. Do not worry if you have never stretched before because we would keep it to a level that is comfortable for beginners. If you are advanced then we would push the stretching level higher.

You don't need to be fit for kickboxing or boxing as we work with one's own fitness level and in due course you will see your fitness level increase dramatically.

The techniques that you will be learning is how to stand correctly, where to place your hands, how to move your feet. Then progessing on to how to kick and punch correctly.

aboutimg We recognise that each person is different, so we will not push students to advanced techniques until we feel that they are experienced enough. For those who wish to compete, we can teach fight techniques that are effective against your opponent in the ring.

Padwork Padwork is excellent for cardio and strength work. This requires punching and kicking the pad that your partner would be holding for you and learning how to move around for fitness.
aboutimg Sometimes we use focus mitts for general punching only and shin pads for kicking techniques, the kind you see with Muay Thai boxers. We use a full range of punching and kicking techniques, roundhouse, spinning, shin, low, high, jump, front and back kicks.


Bagwork Bagwork involves hitting a light or heavy bag with single or combination techniques.

aboutimg Bagwork is very good for eye hand co-ordination because you have to watch how the bag is moving, and timing it right for you to be able to punch or kick the bag. This will tone up all the muscles of the legs, back, shoulders and arms. At the same time you will be able to box the bag so that you feel as if you are doing something.


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